Minnesota is a bitch.

There aren’t many things to do out here, traveling through towns with populations ranging from 69 (seriously) – 1,000.  To fill my time, I: drink. read. work out (not very vigorously, I just hope that one day my muscles will suddenly explode and I will resemble a shorter, blonder Hugh Jackman). drink. play words with friends (I lose most of the time). sing (usually under my breath – Minnesotans give you a weird look when they hear music). and drink.

And I think. Its not all about alcohol, I swear. I ruminate on everything from whether I should trim my toe hair, to just what kind of person can proclaim love while waging war. What show makes a more honest assessment of human nature; Falling Skies, or Say Yes to the Dress? Is my goal to emerge from the Minnesotan Wild a ‘new man’ a healthy dream, or is it something belonging to where pipes empty into the dark, deep recesses where we shouldn’t allow our minds to follow?

Heavy, heavy things, party people.

Now its late, and my first post probably isn’t the time to delve into deep shtuff. So lets just give a preview on possible subjects in the future: Why Sex without a Condom is Best, Do Cellphones Really Give You Cancer, How To Yell at Children without Paying the Consequences, Are Gays Real?, etc…its a whole world of possibilities, and I promise I will not fail to give nonsensical, barely thought out answers for you to read, debate, and yell at me about. I’m excited.

Before I leave, here is something everyone should watch at least twice. This is “The the Impotence of Proofreading,” by Taylor Mali. Enjoy.

Published by Neil Stratman

I'm an actor currently based in Chicago. Woot.

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  1. thanks for sharing neil! i have a lot of friends/family with blogs and i enjoy reading them 🙂 happy blogging!

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